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  • Coloplast Urinary Catheter Supplies

A urinary catheter is a medical device designed to conveniently empty the bladder when a patient is unable to do so themselves.  Intermittent catheters are used to manage bladder drainage in cases of urinary retention, bladder obstruction, and neurological disorders that cause paralysis or loss of sensation.

What is an Intermittent Catheter?

Intermittent Catheter

With intermittent catheters, patients insert and remove the urinary catheter several times a day, eliminating the need to wear a continuously draining catheter.  Leaving urine in your bladder for a long time can lead to a distended bladder or a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Intermittent catheterization may help reduce these potential problems, giving you more freedom for a better quality of life.   

And, because you can remove the urinary catheter when your bladder is emptied, it allows you to live a more comfortable, active lifestyle.  These types of intermittent catheters may also improve urinary incontinence in some patients.  To find out more about Comfort Medical's intermittent catheters, please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable Catheter Specialists today.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Some of the Intermittent Catheter Brands we carry: Convatec, Cure Medical, Bard Medical, Rochester, Coloplast.

What is a Coude Catheter?

Coude Catheter

A coude catheter, or sometimes called a coude tip catheter, is a urinary catheter with a slightly curved tip that designed for easy insertion.  Coude tip catheters are typically prescribed if a patient has an enlarged prostate and the catheter tip is curved to get past that tight spot with ease.

More commonly used in men, coude catheters can be used in women when they develop obstructions that require the use of catheter with a curved design.  In addition to being used by doctors and nurses, coude catheters can be used at home by patients who may need to self-catheterize for a variety of reasons.

Coude catheters come in different types as well.  These include a tapered tip, olive tip, or Tiemann tip catheter.  The design of the coude catheter was created around 1800 by Dr. Emile Coude and was initially named a “biCoude” catheter, as it had two bends.

These types of urinary catheters are usually stocked in hospitals and medical clinics and patients who need them can order them conveniently through various medical supply companies, like Comfort Medical.

Some of the Coude Catheter brands we carry: Convatec, Cure Medical, Bard Medical, Rochester, Coloplast.

What is a Closed-Kit System Catheter?

Closed System Catheter

Closed-Kit System catheters for bladder management are designed to help reduce the risk of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and offer easy catheterization for pediatric patients, those who use wheelchairs, and many other patient groups. 

Offering convenience that straight catheters do not, closed system catheters offer discreet, secure, and reliable catheterization regardless of whether you are in a car, private home, or public restroom. Many of the closed-kit system urinary catheters that Comfort Medical provides include an additional safety feature known as an “insertion” or “introducer” tip.  This insertion tip allows a pre-lubricated catheter to skip through the initial bacteria often found in the urethra—which can reduce the risk of infection significantly.

Additionally, Comfort Medical is proud to offer closed-kit system catheter kits are designed to make it easy for patients who are challenged in using their hands.  If you have questions about the right closed-kit catheter system for you, please give one of our knowledgeable Catheter Specialists a call today.  We’re here to help.

Some of the closed-kit System Catheter Brands we carry: Convatec, Cure Medical, Bard Medical, Rochester, Coloplast.

What is a Straight Catheter?

Straight Catheter

Straight catheters are designed for patients who have chronic bladder problems and are able to perform the catheterization themselves. Additionally, they are generally used for a quick “in-and-out” and are to be used only one time. And, unlike Foley-style catheters, they do not have a round balloon at the end to secure it in place.

Straight catheters are available in straight and curved packaging, designed for males, females, and even pediatric usage, and come in a variety of sizes.  To speak with a Catheter Specialist about our selection of straight catheters, please call a Comfort Catheter Specialist today.

Some of the Straight Catheter Brands we carry: Convatec, Cure Medical, Bard Medical, Rochester, Coloplast.

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